Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cranky pants

That was what Bethany wanted to wear this morning, apparently. In the midst of trying to get the little girls ready to go to Little Bears today, she got upset that I didn't put diaper rash cream on Abigail's bottom. Yes, I meant Abigail. In the hallowed toddler tradition of fixating on owies, Bethany had become fixated on an 'owie' her sister had...on her bum. Abigail has gotten past needing cream but that didn't stop Bethany from wailing "Abidale weam, Abidale weam!"

This wailing led to the next cranky pants moment, when Bethany wouldn't allow me to take off her club foot brace. Attempting to take off the brace when the wearer is kicking is foolish and painful. Attempting to take it off anyway because you are now running late for work/school is foolish, painful and necessary. Moriah graciously helped me out by taking off one of her shoes. I got two of the three straps undone before the heaviest kicking started and Moriah undid the final one. This sent Bethany into new hysterics of "Mommy do it! Mommy do it!" (are you kidding me, kid?) Normally I do not give into something like this and have them just deal with their misery but I had to get to work and the kids had to get to school so I caved. I buckled that last strap again so that Mommy could unbuckle it...instant compliance and the cranky pants were traded for happy pants.

I borrowed those cranky pants for a little while as we rushed out to the car...where Bethany forcibly took them back because she was placed into the wrong car seat. I requested that she relinquish the pants when we dropped her and her sister off because I thought it was my turn to wear them for a while. And wear them I did.

I had an off day today...and the cranky pants fit a little too well. I was nice to my classes, but I felt all unsettled under the surface. I miss Jim. I don't like single parenting (but do love and respect single parents!). I am ready for school to be done. I'm tired of feeling like I'm on a hamster wheel. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I want to hide so no one can find me (well, maybe except Jim). I even sort of want a drink to dull my senses a bit...and I don't drink.

The cherry on the top of my cranky sundae came via a phone call from our wonderful Admin Assistant at school. Samuel had gotten light-headed, possibly blacked out very briefly and fell forward into a metal heating unit. My first thoughts were of rushing him to town to get checked out, which would have taken a lot of finagling. Turned out he chipped three teeth and had a huge fat lower lip. And boy did he hurt right afterward. A quick call to our dentist revealed he was heading out of town, but we had a good conversation about what to do and what to look for and we determined that he was probably okay for now--no nerves seemed exposed and his teeth didn't seem to be dangerously loose (one seems a little loose). Tonight he seems to be fine, thankfully, and I've allowed myself to hope his teeth will all be fine. I also called our pedi's office about the light-headedness and the nurse and I decided together that Samuel was probably fine (he was playing a computer game by that time). He will be getting a yearly check up in the next couple of weeks anyway, so we'll bring this issue up with the doc then.

I'm ready to hang up my cranky pants for a while. I want to resume wearing my normal 'content' pants tomorrow. I sure want to shake out of this blah. Blah.

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  1. Julie, first don't worry if no one reads or cares about your blog. It's a way for you to let loose at the end of the day. It's also a record for your family to read someday and (hopefully) say, "I wasn't THAT bad, was I?). I hope Samuel doesn't have any more light-headiness. I used to pass out when I was his age, but usually because I was standing on something or hadn't eaten. Hope his is a minor deal. I know Jim is on his way today, so we expect some happiness to radiate from your computer. Love,