Sunday, May 3, 2009

Odds and ends

I keep thinking I should post about the little girls' latest antics (no, not more tantrums, thankfully) and other odds and ends. As I was about to start the post, our Jim's attention-starved dog jumped into my lap. Guess I should type fast so I can get to petting the poor pooch.

Both babes have shown a small streak of talent when it comes to song and dance. Whenever they wear a skirt/dress of any kind, it prompts them to act out a song they learned on a Wiggles DVD. It's very cute to see them go down onto one knee as they sing "Shalom" (stand on 'sha', drop to the knee on 'lom') and then alternate to the other knee.

The Alphabet Song, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are still favorites. And on their way to being mastered. Abigail seems to be the one who enjoys singing other songs and will break out in song fairly often. On Friday, she was singing 'Three Blind Mice', as far as I could tell. But after the first two lines (and she even put her hand up above her eyes for 'see how they run'), the song included something about a sneeze because she ended it with "achoo!" Hmmm...gotta ask at Little Bears (day care) what version they teach. Bethany has latched onto We Will Rock You as her favorite bedtime lullaby, as mentioned in a previous post. Her bum bum chh is very cute.

Both are really trying to say all kinds of new words, especially Bethany. They typically repeat phrases after you and usually come pretty close to the correct pronunciation. I learned just how accurate Bethany can be when she repeated my "shut up" I directed at Hurley the other night*. oops. I meant "be quiet, Hurley". Bethany likes to ask "what's this" so she can practice new (and old) words, and I imagine "why" is just around the corner.

I know they have a lot of colors mastered now. While at Target yesterday, I distracted Abigail from a small fit by asking her to name the colors of polka dots on a box I saw. She correctly pointed to about six different colors when I asked "where's the pink dot", "where's the green dot", etc. Bethany has a high success rate, too, and both girls are now occasionally using colors to describe what they want. Like today, both girls used either blue or red to communicate which swing they wanted to use.

Going outside is a huge deal anymore, too. Swinging and sliding and playing in the dirt (not at our house, yet). Ahhh, simple joys. We were at the park today and they never stopped moving. Well, Abigail did for a little while after she did a face plant off one of the 'baby' swings. It's one of those chair-like ones that have no buckles and that have always made me a little nervous. Now I can say 'and rightly so'. Straight down onto her face, scratches on her nose, upper lip and chin, lots of blood and quite a divot in her lower lip where it met one of her teeth. Her two older sister were galvanized into action when they saw her fall and ran to get paper towels and ice. I was impressed with their care and speed.

Abigail continues on her quest for independence whenever possible, making me a little nuts now and then. She loves her books, enjoys 'cooking' in their little playhouse, and has to have a crib full of stuffed animals. She also loves to hug (when it's on her terms of course)...she'll wrap her arms around your neck, wind her hands into your hair, nestle into your shoulder and just snuggle. *contented sigh*

Bethany seems to be our comedian, knowing how to make us chuckle and reveling in the laughter. She also loves books and snuggling and has flashes of independence insistence like her sister. She's more tentative about new things but loves to exclaim "I did it!" after accomplishments, even if it's getting her pants on. Her wild curls make for some goofy hair most days.

That's a tiny glimpse into our youngest two. I'll try to get some photos uploaded in the next couple of days. Then you can see how cute they really are. Not that I'm biased or anything.

(Took too long typing this--he gave up on me. No petting for the pooch tonight.)

*in my weak defense, he was barking at nothing, creating annoying background noise while I was filming the little girls singing.

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  1. Hey there. I think the older kids could get Hurley some exercise in the sunshine. I know they are busy, but it sounds like Hurley coud use some love and affection. (You can tell I'm an animal person--not that I don't love my grandkids.) Three more days until Jim is home...know you will all be eagerly awaiting his arrival.