Wednesday, May 13, 2009

School play

King Artie and the Knights of the Rad Table was a huge success tonight. The kids did really well, with three true stand outs. Yes, I mean our three oldest kids. They were the best, you see. Really. No one else even came close. Nope, not joking. Everyone was talking about the Doepken kids. The audience didn't even notice the other actors.

Ha! Yeah, right. :)

Seriously, Samuel, Moriah and Susannah did do very well, but so did the rest of the cast.

Samuel was Merlin and was a funny combination of befuddled and hapless. And he had a huge fluffy white beard and wig ensemble that looked like a fuzzy animal had died on his face. It was kinda awful. And apparently it got moist, which is even more awful (and probably too much information?). But even with the beard handicap, he shined.

Moriah was the town crier, who announced the "Sword in the Stone" competition and had a solo. She wore a tidy little mustache on her face and watched as three 'contestants' tried to remove Excalibur from the stone. At one point Moriah had to dodge out of the way when a disgruntled thug tried to squish her with a rock.

Susannah was a dragon who delighted in tea. She was 'mean' and had damsels in distress in her cave, but was really more interested in tea. Two of the knights even joined her for a 'spot of tea' as she sang about her love of tea and danced around. She also fought and defeated the knights of the Rad Table but was undone by the damsels who were frantic to get to Lancelot.

The whole play was very cute and the kids had great energy. I was the parent who attended tonight while Jim stayed with babies. Tomorrow night Jim gets to watch and I...I will be keeping kids corralled backstage while managing babies. Whoo hoo! What I won't do for my older kids. :)

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