Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fear of fuzzies

For some bizarre reason, the little girls seem scared of bits of fluff or dog hair or the occasional bigger piece of dirt. Well, maybe not scared, but they do give undue attention and concern whenever they see a 'fuzzy'. And, as I have stated in a previous post, I don't like to vacuum....

I'll wait while you do the math...almost there...yep! Not much vacuuming=lots of fuzzies. Lots of fuzzies=frequent fuzzy fears.

Today (and I'm giggling a little as I recall this picture), Bethany ran away from 'fuzzies' that were lit up in the sunbeams that were coming through our windows. You know how you can see dust swirling sometimes? Apparently, it sort of freaked her out and she ran away from it saying "fuzzy, fuzzy". It was a short episode and she wasn't screaming or anything, but she was still unnerved by noticing the swirling dust.

Then tonight there was something in the bottom of the bathtub that Abigail noticed. It was really small and black, maybe a small chip of gravel or other rock. Abigail was frozen in place while staring at it and then actually backed away from it like it was going to eat her toes. She looked amazed when I simply used my finger to scoop it out of the tub.

I know fears shouldn't be taken lightly and I sure hope nothing bigger will develop out of this uneasiness. For now I will continue to giggle to myself as I save the little girls from the ferocious fuzzies.

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