Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lighter nights

I had forgotten how annoying the lighter nights can be in Alaska when you have toddlers. Don't get me wrong, I love that it's still mostly light out at 10:00 right now. Makes me really ready for summer and for the snow to be gone. But when it comes to convincing little girls that it really is bedtime...well, that's when I don't enjoy it quite so much.

Light encourages giggling and squirming and higher energy than normal at bedtime. Light means full attention may not be on the books you are reading. Light makes it hard to sing lullabies to little girls who are moving around or trying to kick each other in the head. Light makes them think they can do their circus jumping in bed. (I really do love the light!)

Thankfully, the little girls went to sleep relatively quickly tonight. Just took some giggling, talking, several rounds of the ABC Song and I think I heard a little We Will Rock You (complete with bum bum chh) and then they settled. I'm going to let myself hope that this will be a short transition into being willing to go to straight to bed while it's light out.

Then I can wonder if they'll end up being scared of the big bad dark when it's actually dark at bedtime again in a few months.

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