Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Sunday

We had a cool day today. It's Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, and we didn't go to church today. In fact, Jim encouraged us to not go to church today. What, you ask, would make a pastor tell his congregation to skip church?

Instead of being at a service, our church was invited to be *in* service in our community.

We held a 'free sale' (usable, good-condition items for free for those who needed them) and had canned/non-perishable food for those who needed extra help, we cleaned the kitchen and painted at the local daycare, we shoveled out some of the community playground (way harder than anticipated!) and we helped a local man struggling with health issues clean his house. We also gave away free hotdogs and took homemade cookies to the lifties on the mountain. All in all, a very cool way to spend Palm Sunday.

Jim shoveled and drove and helped at the free sale, I painted, Samuel shoveled at the playground and Moriah and Susannah did some shoveling and helped a little with child care. Abigail and Bethany hung out with me at the daycare and played the morning away.

We may not have been in worship together this morning but we were still together as part of the Body of Christ, working for His good. Cool day.

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