Sunday, April 26, 2009

Since I last posted...

Wednesday (kinda counts because I heard about it Thursday)
  • Moriah had an awesome baseball practice, complete with getting a ton of hits.
  • I helped with play practice once more.
  • My three older kids participated in an all-school Circus Arts performance and had a lot of fun. And did a good job with their 'parts'.
  • My two youngest kids and I thoroughly enjoyed watching aforementioned performance (both babes kept saying 'a wother one' after each class was done with their part).
  • I had a good day at work but had to say goodbye to two great kids who were moving away.
  • I found out that my dad and step-mom purchased their tickets to come visit this summer. Yay!
  • I met with a fellow librarian to work on my 'alternative evaluation' report (she was kind enough to drive down to Girdwood for the meeting AND brought milk to replenish our dwindling supply...but I forgot to pay her back...oops!).
  • Samuel went to soccer and had a blast playing (different atmosphere than the Monday night games he recently stopped going to).
  • I went and hung out with a bunch of really nice ladies and had some 'me' time...ran home to finish putting babes to bed and then went back and stayed out late!
  • I helped do some cleaning at Little Bears while the three older kids did some housework and separated recyclables.
  • I ran to town (once Bethany stopped crying inconsolably for some reason) to get some much-needed groceries and drop off recyclables. And thanked God multiple times for my generous older kids who watched little sisters so I could do the grocery run.
  • The whole family watched at least part of the Spring Carnival/Slush Cup festivities at the resort (skiers and boarders attempt to 'ski/board' across a 90-foot pool of freezing cold water). Samuel went with his friends and I went with all the girls and one of their friends. It was...the same as previous years...not sure I even want to go back next year.
  • My neighbor sent down some chili, corn muffins and salad for dinner...didn't have to cook! Yay! (and believe it or not, dinner is just about the biggest obstacle to my limited Jim-less happiness I face when Jim is gone...I dislike cooking dinner every night)
  • I helped set up a bit at church for today's service and then ended up spending too much time chatting with a dear friend who helped me out by buying a new tie-out cable for Hurley.
  • Went to church and enjoyed a wonderful service led by a pastor we've known since we moved up here. And! the church was full! And Jim is gone!
  • Moriah and Susannah went back for some Spring Carnival events and Susannah came home with frozen feet because she didn't truly 'get' Mom's advice yesterday about wearing appropriate footwear for walking in snow (and yes I know it's technically Spring, my dear). *clears throat meaningfully*
  • I went for a nice long walk with Hurley.
  • Some homework was completed by all three older kids (I think).
  • I actually vacuumed and was once again stunned by the amount of fine dirt my little vacuum can find. Are we really that dusty???
  • Samuel had a confirmation mentor meeting.
  • I worked on an iMovie project with Moriah -- looks like it will turn out pretty cute.
  • And now I'm avoiding those final kitchen clean ups by posting here.
  • And I'm thinking that Jim is over half done with his trip and will be home a week from tomorrow. *contented sigh*

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