Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane...

but I do know when he'll be back again. May 4.

Jim is heading out to Mississippi tonight for a fund-raising trip. This is the first extended trip he's taken since the babes were born and I'm pretty sure I'm in for a stressful 18 days. Not only do I have work and older kid schedules and Bible Study and other odds and ends, but I will be missing the other half of me. Jim is my partner is every way and this home just isn't anywhere near the same without his warm, funny presence.

We'll be taking Jim to the airport--all of us--after we go to the "Freshman Fair" a South High School tonight (which I'm sure to post about soon). We thought about leaving the four girls at home, but Moriah and Susannah would really like to say goodbye to Daddy at the airport so everyone is coming. Should be fun putting the little girls to bed tonight. *grin*

Please pray for all of us. For Jim to be safe and healthy and for churches to be open and welcoming to his 'message'. For me to stay healthy and sane. For the kids to stay healthy and to be obedient and for all of the scheduling things to be smooth.

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