Monday, April 20, 2009

Freshman Fair

I mentioned the Freshman Fair in another post but forgot to update it (probably because I'm busy wallowing in pity while I miss my honey).

South Anchorage HS is the newest high school in Anchorage and has such a boring name. But then again, there was already a West High and and an East High. Made sense to choose another direction? Next will be North?

Inside is pretty nice although we didn't get much of a look around. The main thrust of the evening was to sit in a room to hear staff and department heads talk a little about programs and classes and what to expect. It was nice to get a small sense of things but it was a little boring.

Then the kids got to go wander a bit among tables set up with sign up sheets for various things: x-c running, world languages, speech/drama/forensics, cheerleading, football, swimming, student government, band, etc. Samuel was interested in the first four things I mentioned and left his name on the sign up sheets to get info emailed to him later. (I'm kidding about cheerleading! but Samuel was interested in the first three things I listed.)

He'll probably eventually be interested in Student Government but decided to take a year to acclimate to his new surroundings before making that decision. He's had a good time being president of the student council at Girdwood, even with the lack of enthusiasm from most of his fellow 8th graders.

On the way home, after we had dropped Jim off at the airport, Samuel had a little time to ruminate on what he heard and saw. He determined that next year would either be amazing or horrible. I suggested that he might find it a combination of both.

I'm excited and stunned that we'll have a freshman in our house next year. Where in the world did my sweet, curly-headed little boy go???

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