Thursday, April 23, 2009

not so contented chaos

This afternoon* was a bit hairy

I was a 'fill-in director' for play practice at school starting at 3:00.
I had to rush Moriah to piano (we were late because play practice ran late).
I had to run home to pick up the piano books that I should have taken to play practice in case it ran late and take them to Moriah at her lesson (and I got her baseball stuff).
I had to run home to start dinner (turkey, noodles, peas...thanks for asking).
I had to pick Moriah up from piano and run her to baseball practice, after finding her birth certificate and writing checks for various fees.
I had to finish Little League paperwork while at her practice.
I had to run home to finish dinner.
I fielded a phone call from my hubby who called while dinner was cooking and right before I had to leave again...not a long enough conversation. sigh
I had to run and pick up Susannah from her lesson (she walked smart on that one).
I had to come home, dish out dinner for babies, choke down a bit of dinner and bark out directions to the three older kids (yes, I did bark...not proud of myself).
I wanted to run to Bible Study, where I did get fed and nurtured as I studied Loving Well by Beth Moore with an amazing group of ladies (GREAT study).
I ran home right after sharing prayer requests to finish putting babies to bed (Moriah and Susannah ROCKED getting them almost completely ready).
I had to finish up a few dishes (again Moriah and Susannah ROCKED getting most things washed up).
Now I'm ready for bed (late as usual).

And all of this following a morning where we all got out of the house in plenty of time to drop little girls at Little Bears and get the rest of us (minus a sick Samuel who stayed home today) to school on time. Who knew the afternoon would be such a contrast to a relatively peaceful morning?

*I posted at midnight so the date says Thursday even though this is about Wednesday.

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