Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random snow observations

This time of year is 'break up'...sort of spring, sort of winter, sort of yucky. The snow is melting slowly (unless we're getting several new inches of snow on top of it like last week), dirty snow lines roads that are slushy and rutted, and many of us are itching to see grass and spring flowers (oh, I do miss daffodils).

I drove up and down our road this afternoon more times than I care to admit. Okay, I'll admit to: picking Susannah up from play practice, running Moriah to piano lesson, running Susannah to piano lesson, picking Susannah up from piano lesson, going to Bible Study. Whenever I drive on the truly rutted roads I feel like I'm on a Disney ride, where you're in a car moving jerkily along with no choice but to go where the little electric track takes you. Thankfully, so far no weird creatures or cartoonish figures have jumped out at me and thankfully I haven't had to try to get out of the way of other cars who are trapped in the same ruts. I'm especially thankful that no cars have been heading down our hill as our car fishtails and wiggles up our hill.

I love snow and usually love it any time of year (well, maybe not the middle of summer). Even when it gets dirty and slushy and messy. But I'm ready for more melting than is happening so far this year. So is Susannah. She keeps saying "it won't be summer'll really be spring break" once they get out of school. It may feel that way.

So as this snow is slowly melting, I've noticed that it seems extra dirty this year. I think it's because you can see the thin layer of ash we got from one of Redoubt's eruptions on top of the melting snow. The ash layer had peeked out a bit a week or so ago, but some extra snow covered it back up. Now it's appearing again and makes everything feel a little grey. Someone told me that once the snow is gone, we will probably have a really good summer growing season because of the ash. That would be cool.

But really, all I want is to see my yard. Before June.

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