Monday, March 30, 2009

...and your name is?

Abigail used to call her sis 'Bobidee', which was pretty darn cute, but somewhere along the line Bethany became 'Abidale'. Bethany always answered to Abigail's name for her. But Bethany was also very aware of her own name and could say it well.

Made me wonder if Abigail couldn't separate herself from her twin because she'd still call Bethany 'Abidale' even after countless promptings from me to call her sister the correct name (no, sweetie, you're Abigail...that's Bethany).

Then I wondered if maybe Abigail was preparing for the royal life. Sort of like the royal 'we' but using her first name as the 'we' equivalent. The little girls do rule the roost much of the time.

But the last couple of days Abigail has been very purposefully calling her sister 'Bet-then-knee'. Sometimes with prompting but mostly on her own. She grins when she says it, like she knows she's finally getting it right. And she over-emphasizes the 'th' by sticking her tongue between her teeth, which makes it even sweeter that she's trying so hard to say her sis' name right.

And (some of you probably knew this could be coming) there is that small part of me that will miss the funny side of the fact that Abigail called her sister by her own name. It was endearing and special and utterly silly Abigail in action.

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