Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dirty car, thoughts and observations

With all of the sunshine lately, the highways are wet and there is a LOT of dirty spray as you drive. Washer fluid helps to clear some of the schmutz and you have to use it often, making it just about the most important car 'part' in the spring. (I'm sure most of you know what schmutz means, but I like showing off my ability to link things!)

I was sorely tempted to go to a car wash while we were out and about yesterday because it's absolutely nasty to try to shut our back hatch on the can't find a clean spot to touch (I usually grab the inside handle with both hands and pull down the door that way, risking a bashed head rather than touching the outside). But then I realized that it would be wasted money. It would be just as bad by the time we got home. By the time we left Anchorage, probably.

I was in town earlier in the week, too, and attempted to clean my windows while filling up the gas tank. I had to laugh when I tried because the water in the squeegee holder was absolutely positively BROWN. No trace of the normal blue cleaner at all. Brown and murky. I did give it a go and just giggled the whole time I used dirty water to clean dirt off my windows and lights. Surprisingly it did make a little bit of a difference, but not much. At least my lights were easier to see.

Now, if he had been with us yesterday, Jim likely would have encouraged the car wash stop while quoting what his grandfather always said: "You only get the same dirt off once". What does that mean? Does that mean it's a good idea to get at least some dirt washed off before more dirt gets layered on? Does it mean we should be bold enough to go ahead and spend that money on a car wash, even if it'll be dirty again soon? I'm not sure, but I do know that while I love this time of year I do NOT like how dirty our car gets.

Just when it gets beautiful and sunny outside the car windows get besmirched and dull the views of scenery around us. Ironic.

(here ends my rumination on our dirty car...don't you feel better?)

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  1. Jim's our chaplain with no perks. We'd love to help you guys with a free car washing. Give me a call when you can get down to the fire station and I'll come wash it, and probably even get a couple probies to help me. -Becki