Saturday, March 28, 2009

ashes, ashes, they all fall down

So a few days ago I was actually a little disappointed that Mount Redoubt's initial eruption didn't send ash floating our way. Yes, I am slightly mental. Redoubt has been erupting for several days and most of the ash has missed us. The last eruption was around 3:29 this afternoon.

About a half hour ago the girls called from a birthday party on the mountain to say that ash had started to fall in Girdwood. I hurried to get the girls, toting breathing masks with me to be on the safe side. As I walked out to the car, I could see a light layer of gray ash on the car and I could tell that the snow looked dirty. Then, as I drove to the mountain, I could see how gray the sky was.

I got to the party, tossed the masks to the girls, said a quick thank you to the hosts and hustled them home. The girls asked why I would be so worried about a light dusting, so I explained that every piece they inhale is a small piece of glass...not what our lungs need.

You can go to the Alaska Volcano Observatory's website and check out info and see some very cool pictures, including some awesome ones from 1:30 this morning when it was erupting. AVO also twitters, which cracks me up a bit, but is also kinda neat.

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