Monday, March 2, 2009

Yesterday, today

I had a lovely birthday yesterday. Here it is in nutshell:

Great church service.
See's butterscotch squares for lunch (giggle...yes, I ate some 'real' food too).
Lazy afternoon.
Calls from loved ones.
Texas Sheet Cake for dinner.
Trip to Anchorage to see Twilight.
California Turkey Club wrap for dessert.
Margarita to sip while watching the movie with a good friend.
Crepe paper and balloon decorations awaiting my return home.

Today I got another glimpse into the babies' post-nap time. This time it was both girls. Abigail was reading an animal book and kept telling Bethany what animal it was. Bethany was laying on her tummy reading her own book, but would look over at Abigail's book and agree about whatever animal it was. I got my camera and stuck it into the doorway, capturing a little interaction and some cooperative counting until Abigail noticed the camera and then realized I was holding it. Then I got a little bit of the 'Mommy!' jumpy joy on film. Oh, and I also got Bethany telling me she had pooped. *grin*

Right now I'm going to go get a piece of my birthday cake. Love that stuff.

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