Saturday, March 14, 2009

I love Target and my two older girls

Not in that order, mind you. (It can be kinda close some days, but I do love my girls more than Target. really.)

Moriah was in desperate need of new pants so I thought a trip to town was in order before Spring Break was over. Susannah came along for the ride, hoping for Mommy largess to kick in for something new. Kohl's has been built right next to Target (can anyone else hear the trumpet fanfare that I hear?), making an ideal stop for clothes shopping, and I thought it was open by now (nope). But all was not lost because we spent puh-lenty of time in Target anyway.

Two pairs of jeans (one was even a girl pair!) and two shirts later, Moriah was done. Susannah got one shirt courtesy of Mom and then she bought herself another. Samuel got a pair of khakis (love those sales) and a funny t-shirt. We also got some new towels, a few cool lime-green containers for (some of) the stuff in the girls' room, finger paints and paper for the babes, and a few other odds and ends. *insert contented sigh here* I really enjoy Target.

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