Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twos ... terrible?

So last night Bethany was a pistol at bedtime and wouldn't let either one of us help with her diaper or pajamas and was all over the place. Tonight was Abigail's turn to deny me any success with bedtime prep for her.

My initial reaction is "well, at least they didn't do it at the same time." My secondary reaction is "wow, their 'I do it' stage has truly arrived." Now comes the fun of figuring out how to let them have success at developing independent skills while maintaining the parental authority that makes us the last word even when they're throwing a fit.

In regards to Abigail at bedtime at least, that might just mean making sure she has two-piece pjs rather than the one-piece zip-up kind like she's wearing tonight. She kept trying to lay it out, upside down, and then she tried putting her feet into the arms. All the while having NONE of Mommy easing the way so that she would be successful.

And one last Bethany note...she keeps saying "I bump down stairs" throughout the day. I guess she'll remember her tumble for a bit longer.

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