Thursday, March 26, 2009

Samuel's tumble

Samuel took a header this morning while x-country skiing. He attempted a jump, caught the tip of his ski wrong and went down hard. He felt a bit dazed and nauseous, so he headed to the nurse's office. The school nurse gave him a once over and noted his pupils were fine, his cognition was fine, the pain he was feeling was an appropriate amount, etc. The nausea he was feeling, however, had us all worried (esp. in the wake of Natasha Richardson's death, which I noted in a previous post).

The school nurse suggested a trip to the ER, but our pediatrician's office and local NP said it was okay to watch and wait. So I brought him home and Jim watched him and babies climbed all over him while he tried to rest on the couch.

Thankfully, 12 or so hours later, he seems to be totally fine. The nausea has remained at a dull roar all day but nothing else seems to be wrong. I will probably set my alarm to wake him up at least once during the night, just to be totally annoying and cautious. Jim usually wakes up around 3:15, so I'm going to ask him to check on Samuel, too.

Certainly wouldn't hurt to say a few prayers that he is truly fine, so please join me in praying for our precious boy. (thanks!)

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