Sunday, March 1, 2009

short lapse

It's been a few days since I last blogged. I had been doing so well and I'm not sure why I took a short 'break'. Except I guess that we've been busy. And there hasn't been too much cuteness going on (hard to believe, I know!).

My birthday is Sunday (today, really, since it's after 1 am). I'm 39. Last year of my thirties. Sigh. I wouldn't change a thing about my life but it'd be nice to slow down time just a bit now and then.

Random cuteness:

The little girls have discovered The Wiggles, thanks to me. They are fairly enthralled with the whole thing, especially the parts with puppets. Me? I'm a little creeped out by the puppets but Abigail asks for them again and again.

We recently purchased a fairly cool night light for the little girls' room. It's called Tyke Light Jr. and I love it (click the link to check it out). The LED light stays cool and has three settings, including a 15 minute timer. The 'light man' comes and sits with us for our singing before bedtime and the girls give 'him' a kiss before naps and before bed.

Abigail was gazing out the window at the falling snow and said "no" (which is really "snow" but she doesn't quite get the 's' out). Then she looked out our big picture window and said "no". Then she looked out the far windows in the 'dining room' and said it once again. I agreed and said "yep, snow all around", gesturing at the three windows. Bethany immediately mimicked my arm motion and said "all aroun'". Bethany will be the one to avoid cursing around, I can tell you that right now. *grin*

The big girls took a babysitting first aid course today. It went from 9:30-4:30 and they really enjoyed it. They cannot wait to be released (or unleashed?) into the babysitter world. And they'll be wonderful at it, too. I think they'll need to realize they won't get called together and will probably have to jockey for jobs. I did find out later that Moriah got into a little 'trouble' for tossing her 'real' baby into the air. Oops. I'm sure she'll be much more careful with real children.

I should throw in one cuteness thing about Samuel here since he often gets a little overlooked in the land of girls. On Valentine's Day the girls and I attended a 'tea party' at a friend's house. The daughter made playdoh hearts for the girls to bring home. Apparently some kids at the party had convinced another kid that the hearts were really 'sponge cookies' and got him to take a bite. Samuel became the target of the same joke at our house once we got home (and here I will somewhat shamefacedly admit I helped convince him to take a bite). He thought it tasted awful and almost immediately spit it out. But, he revealed to us later, his thought process went like this:

Oh, these are awful...really salty.
But Susannah probably worked really hard on making them so I'll try to choke it down.

How SWEET is that for a big brother to think? What a guy!

Guess that is enough rambling. I kinda caught up by giving you a nice long blog post, right?

Oh! I took some video of Moriah and Susannah snowboarding and will work on having it available to look at here. Watch for it sometime soon.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Can't wait to see the video!

  2. Happy Birthday! Oh....and in defense of my goddaughter.....I think I threw her up in the air a few times too.