Friday, March 6, 2009

Friends coming

I'm getting very excited at the thought of our best friends coming to visit in less than three months (and they're planning to be here for Jim's 40th birthday). For anyone who doesn't know, the Frosts used to live here in Girdwood and Chuck was the pastor at Girdwood Chapel before Jim. We got to know Chuck and Julie well while in seminary (Jim met them the summer before during his missionary stint in Alaska), and they were instrumental in our coming to Alaska, so they've been special to us for a long time. We last saw them two summers ago, when we rented a lake house together in NC. One of the very best weeks I've ever had, truly.

We've been working out the details of tickets; we have to work together to coordinate flights because Jim and I are letting them use some of our frequent flier miles to get tickets since our large family won't be traveling Outside anytime soon (though I sure wish there were still 'super saver' just don't get the same 'value' for those freq. flier miles anymore). It'll kinda be like my 40th birthday gift for Jim. Weirdly, the good flights I see in the 'awards reservations' search don't appear in the regular reservation search so they can purchase the other tickets. Hmmm. I've got to get on the phone to ask about that.

You'll see more of my excitement as their trip draws nearer. I'm truly ecstatic that they are coming.

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