Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Ash Wednesday

Did you all get your Ash Wednesday cards sent out? Did you find cheerful Hallmark cards to mark the beginning of this rather somber time in the church year? Me neither. But I did go to our service tonight to help me set the tone for the Lenten season.

Samuel went into Anchorage today after school so he could go to a jr. high youth group meeting at another United Methodist church. He rode in with one family and came home with another. The night wasn't typical because of their Ash Wednesday service, but I think he had an okay time.

The same family who took Samuel in today also recently handed down some very special t-shirts for Moriah. Red Sox t-shirts (and therefore the best hand-me-downs ever). She's already worn them and would probably wear them again without washing them if I let her.

On a final note, we watched the Top Chef finale tonight. Hosea won. I was rooting for Carla, but she made some errors that cost her a chance at the title. Hosea prepared a solid meal, as did Stefan, Hosea's season-long rival. Next week is the 'gossip' show and I'm hoping Carla wins fan favorite.

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