Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We have an awesome son

Tonight I spent a little over five hours with my wonderful Samuel. About an hour and a half of those were in the car to and from Anchorage. About an hour was spent eating bacon cheeseburger pizza and breadsticks at Pizza Hut (yum!). And about two and a half hours of it was spent sitting in an Anchorage Assembly meeting (and standing in line for a bit) while we waited to testify about a bond proposal that included Girdwood School.

The reason I am celebrating our awesome son (besides the fact that he stood before our Assembly and spoke fairly well) is that he didn't really want to go. But he went anyway. He respected my authority (who hears Cartman in the background?) and he acquiesced to my 'request' to speak pretty readily. He knew it was important for our school's 'voice' to be heard and he (mostly) willingly came along. There were a few grumbles, yes. But I'm fine with his expressing his frustration if it's done respectfully, which it was. He's an awesome kid.

We are truly blessed.

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