Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not so mysterious fever

Bethany's turn. Please pray for our littlest munchkin. She started getting snuffy again on Monday (just had a cold two weeks or so ago) but was acting like her normal self. By the time I picked her up at Little Bears today, though, she was running a fever and wanted nothing else but to be held by Mommy. She took a long nap (thanks, Children's Motrin) and had a good late afternoon. By the time I left for Bible study she had her fever back and was whiny...she's in bed (with another dose of Motrin), and I'm hoping she sleeps well.

On another note, literally, Abigail had me cracking up when she picked up the Rock Band microphone and started singing the ABC song into it. The microphone sort of ended up partially in her mouth, and then she licked it a few times. I wondered at that point if she truly understood what purpose the microphone serves (she's seen her older siblings playing at Rock Band) or if she thought it was a curiously-textured lolly pop. Or maybe she just got a kick out of grossing her mom out.

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