Friday, February 13, 2009

Woo Hoooo!

The week from you-know-where is done! (mostly, anyway...Samuel and Jim both have stuff tomorrow)

My trainings today were pretty good and I learned some great new things. Among them:

Thinkfinity (great site for educators!)
creating a book in iPhoto (soooo easy)
Google docs (good for collaboration)

I'm exhausted, though, and hope I can sleep in a bit tomorrow morning. The little girls were exhausted after a day at Little Bears and absolutely crashed tonight. The older kids have had a long week too and poor Samuel has to be up at 6:30 to get ready for a math competition in Anchorage that starts at 8:20 (on a SATURDAY). Jim needs a little down time but still has more meetings tomorrow and then has to get his sermonizing done at some point.

All in all, our week went pretty smoothly (except for one small hitch today that I was able to smooth out fairly quickly). Even so, I don't want to have one like it again for a long time. Or ever.

Nodding off...time to sleep.

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  1. My family has been using google documents a LOT this school year! The older boys were introduced to it at school this year, and they use it for typing their papers, and then I pull it up and proof read...and we work together on separate computers to make it the best paper they can turn in! Hoping this week is a great one for you!