Friday, February 20, 2009

Schedules and Family Game Night

Things should go smoothly when there is enough time allotted, right? I mean I should be able to juggle my schedule and the older girls' schedules and our family schedule, right? If there's enough time between events?

Well, it doesn't always work. Like late this afternoon/early this evening. I did get some needed extra time in at work and I did get a short nap in. But once I tried to pick the girls up 'early' from their after-school class, things didn't go so smoothly. They weren't ready and took about 20 minutes more than they should have. So that put me late running to the Merc to grab some snacks for tonight's family game night. Which put me late getting home for dinner (thankfully Jim had that under control). Which put me right on time (okay, a tiny bit late) getting to the school for family game night. The rest of the family came later since dinner didn't go as quickly with babies as we needed it to. Plus Jim needed to shower before he went out tonight (maybe Belles from Hell like yummy smelling men?).

But! All the crazy running around was worth it. There were six families total at the game night and we had a blast. And someone also brought some salmon dip and crackers (YUM). The gist of family game night is this: bring your favorite games, share the games with the other families and play all kinds of games together. Tonight, some of the games shared/played were Sequence, SkipBo, a fish-themed game that I can't remember the name of, Gobblet, Speed Scrabble, Pit, Risk, and Killer Bunnies (can you tell I love being able to link things?).

We've hosted family game night for several years now and I still learn about new games each time. I'm already looking forward to the next one in April.

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