Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fractions are fun...fractions are fun....

Actually they are, but not as fun when you have two fifth graders trying to finish their fraction homework at the end of a long day. And then you have me, tempted to teach them the short cut when multiplying fractions, but sticking with the 'proper' way on their worksheets. (Okay, I confess, I did show them the short cut but said they'd probably learn it sometime soon.)

And I had my third night of the aerobics/step class and had a blast again. I even got to class early, a clear indication that I was excited to exercise (yes, I did write that).

Tomorrow night our family is 'hosting' family game night for our local community school program. But part of our family won't be there. Jim, to be exact. He's heading into town to see a concert with a friend. What, you ask, is a big enough draw to pull him away from his family and the chance to play games with other families? What could possibly work magic that strong? Okay, you asked. The draw is Hell's Belles, an all-girl AC/DC cover band. They'll be performing the entire albums of Highway to Hell and Back in Black.

Yeah, I know. But he'll have fun.

(Jim just ruined my blog post by telling me he won't have to leave to head into town until around 8, meaning he can be at Family Game Night for most of the time. I think I'll keep the post as it is, though, so you can either chuckle or feel a little sorry for me. *grin* I'll rely on this little addendum to let you know the more accurate picture. I'm nothing if not honest.)

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