Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy week, continued

Today was another day of scheduling conflicts and shuffling kids and busy-ness. I learned some new things in my class. Jim had some good meetings. Samuel is working on lots of homework right now but enjoyed the beautiful ski day. Susannah and Moriah both had a good snowboarding day. I'm putting the little girls to bed early because they had a long day with a short nap. Jim is still in another meeting (after driving into Anchorage twice today) and will be home eventually.

Tomorrow is another day of meetings and the babes will be at Little Bears all day. They love going but a full day at Little Bears means they probably won't nap and will be tired again tomorrow. Another downside of our busy week is that Jim and I will miss something kind of important for Samuel tomorrow. South High School is sending a counselor down to talk to eighth graders and their parents about next year's classes and electives. I'm sure we'll get the information we need, but I'm still disappointed we'll have to miss it.

On a really bright note, I found out that the 3/4 Girdwood Battle of the Books teams won first and second place tonight! How very exciting for those kids and their parents. The teacher who coaches the 3/4 level is a sweetheart and I'm really excited for her too.

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