Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Glimpse into naptime

I put the little girls down for a nap as soon as we got home from Little Bears (or Biddle Bears as Bethany says). They didn't settle down immediately and I could still hear chatting after about 20 minutes. That often means one or both needs a diaper change so I went to check on them. I saw that Abigail was asleep and that Bethany hadn't noticed I was in the doorway so I quickly pulled the door almost closed.

What I could see through that small crack was charming. Bethany was sitting up with her blanket over her knees, her blue doggy tucked under one arm, and a book upside down on her lap. She was paging through the book, pointing to words and singing the Alphabet song over and over. Then she discovered a loose nail and spent a few moments trying to pull it off. After the nail was dispatched, she chatted with her doggy, picked up her little baby doll and had the baby chat with her doggy. Finally, she put her book aside, lay down, and pulled her blanket up and over so she could go to sleep.

I felt blessed to get a small glimpse into Bethany's little world. I'm still smiling.

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