Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mystery fever

Have your kids ever had a mystery fever? Nothing else going on with them, really, beyond a fever and some lethargy? Usually here and gone within a day.

That was Abigail yesterday (on her birthday no less). Why a fever? What was it doing? What bug was it trying to kill? The world may never know.... But I know that I am thankful it's gone this morning.

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  1. Their father had a "famous" mystery fever. We were in Miami and it was 104. Tony got us on a plane to Phila. where my dad met us and we were all set to go to the hospital. By the time the plane touched down, he was fine...
    Glad the girls had a nice birthday. We have something for them that we picked up in St. Maarten. Congrats to Susannah. I rely on spellcheck. much love,