Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beauty all around

I LOVE this time of year. Truly. Late February into early March is typically a sunny, warm time of year. The sun is rising a touch earlier so we are heading to school as the sun is starting to make its presence known, the late afternoons are often sunnier and stay lighter later and I usually don't realize that it's after 5:00 unless I look at a clock (like today). From October to early February pre-dinner time is still dark and then suddenly it's not and I'm caught off guard that dinner needs to be prepared.

Then, of course, figure in my upcoming birthday into this time of year and you've got why I love this time of year.

I went out cross-country skiing today with a friend. I haven't been out in about three years because of pregnancy and young babies and crazy schedules and it felt SO GOOD to go. The temperature was perfect, the sun was out and I even got hot enough to shed my mittens and coat (I hung my coat on a tree and picked it up on the way back out). I'll be sore (partly from the great workout I got the other night) but it'll be a good sore. An I-did-something-great-for-my-body kind of sore. A sore I can definitely live with.

The kids have all been out skiing most of the day, too, and will likely be very tired later. But what a great day to be skiing. I love this place.

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