Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy week

Today was the start of a very busy week for Jim and for me. I'll give you an idea of what it looks like:

Monday: Jim had a morning meeting. I had mosaics tonight. We were all in Girdwood all day!
Tuesday: I am heading in to Anchorage to be a judge at the 5/6 Battle of the Books competition. Jim is going as the chaperone for Moriah and Susannah's team. Samuel will be our babysitter for much of the time we're gone.
Wednesday: I am taking in the three members of the 7/8 Battle of the Books team (at 7:45 no less) and I will be there until 2:00 or so. Jim has a meeting in Anchorage Wednesday evening. The older girls have piano. I have Women's Bible Study that evening.
Thursday: I have to be at a class in Anchorage by 8:30 (oh how I loathe early-to-me mornings). Jim has to bring little girls with him to be at meetings in Anchorage by 9:00 am. I will have to swing by to pick them up before heading home. Jim then has evening meetings.
Friday: Same bat time, same bat class for me. Jim may have the same meeting schedule too, complete with having to bring little girls to town and my having to pick them up.
Saturday: Samuel has to be up early to head to Anchorage for a math competition. On Valentine's Day. (Jim+Julie=Forever)

Next week is much easier, I promise!

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