Monday, February 16, 2009

Top Chefs?

Our family loves Top Chef. We make time to watch it every week and the girls get to stay up till 10 PM on a school night so they can see who 'packed their knives' to go home. (Anyone who knows how much I don't enjoy cooking is probably chuckling at me...yes, it's ironic I like a cooking show. You can stop laughing now. Really. I mean it. Stop giggling.)

Anyway, we've had a much slower couple of days (insert contented sigh here) and the 'big' girls have been eager to prove their kitchen prowess. So (does anyone see where this is going?), Jim and I have been treated to two different 'challenges' by our own Top Chefs.

Last night's challenge was to use a previously baked potato (left over from dinner the other night) and create something interesting. Both used cheese and both prepared an additional 'salad' to go with their 'dish'. Susannah did an apple/orange salad and Moriah did a more traditional-looking green salad. Both didn't really use any seasoning (unless you count a lot of chili powder on top of Susannah's 'dish') although Susannah did put some fresh orange zest on her salad that was nice.

Today's challenge was to make a creative sandwich using a potato roll. Both used cheese again, both made eggs to go with it. Susannah's was on the burned side and Moriah's was runny (a hit with Dad, not with me). Unfortunately, the seasonings were still lacking but both girls made a pretty good 'sandwich'. Moriah even cut a strawberry in half and drizzled melted chocolate chips over it. Yum.

Jim said the next challenge should have a focus on using seasonings. I think they should make some kind of chocolate dessert. Any one else have 'challenge' ideas that two 11 year olds can make?


  1. I LOVE Top Chef!!!

    I really want to know how Padma got that scar. I guess I could Google it...

    11 year old challenge: If you really wanted to make an event of it, you could let them look through recipe books and take them to the store to get their ingredients and then just let them go for it. I know my 11 year old would LOVE that.

    We do a similar thing...kind of. I let my daughters each choose a recipe once a week. We then cook that dinner together--one-on-one time.

  2. Do your girls know that a Top Chef Junior is in the works? Not sure how I feel about kids being subjected to that sort of craziness, but it might be a lot more low key than Top Chef.

  3. Julie, I googled "easy recipes for kids" for a project at church. Lots of ideas there. Also, recipezaar has some easy recipes. It sounds like a lot of fun. Ask if they are interested in being on the cooking staff for work camp this summer.