Monday, February 2, 2009

Two year check up

Today was our visit to see our pediatrician, Dr. Shen, for Abigail and Bethany's two year check up. I was wondering what sort of reaction they'd have to the office, because they sort of freaked out at their 18 month check up. Thankfully, they bopped right into the room and didn't seem to notice that Darla the nurse had a cart full of instruments.

Abigail got a little nervous when she had to become a 'naked baby' but sat willingly enough in my lap for the preliminary exam. Darla listened to her heart, measured her head, took her temperature under her armpit (oh, that one was close...almost mutiny), measured her height and took her weight. Bethany watched and learned it would be painless and was obliging with each part of her exam. We said goodbye to Darla (Bethany kept saying "bye bye di-ya" every few moments) and told the girls we'd be seeing Ellen next. Bethany, in keeping with being the littlest sister, said "Abigail first".

Ellen's part of the exam was completely painless (but she would return later in a more menacing role...stay tuned) because she was the person who talked about developmental stuff. We got those papers to fill out about how brilliant your kids are (both girls scored well above their ages in everything...almost third grade! ha!) and waited for the doc to arrive.

Dr. Shen is a great pediatrician, in my opinion, and not just because she has twin girls too. She's patient and kind and gentle and can get little ones to participate in the exam. Both girls checked out just fine. They are doing well/above average for their age developmentally... apparently, though, having your child identify an animal using the sound it makes doesn't count. hmph. They have to say the name of the animal. Who made up that silly rule?

We took a few extra minutes to chat about our other kids and other life stuff (she's just that kind of doctor) and we were on our way.

You're dying to know what else Ellen did today aren't you? I should say, first, that Ellen saw the little girls a lot when they were first born. She was often the nurse on duty when we'd come for weight checks or other issues and was wonderful to us in those first stressful months. Today, however, she administered a flu shot to each girl...they weren't quite so fond of her after that. Didn't bother me at all. *grin* I feel confident that the event will be long-forgotten by the babes by time we see her again.

Now for the stats:
Abigail weighed in at 27 lbs., 7 oz. and was 34 1/8 inches long.
Bethany weighed in at 23 lbs. 8 oz. and was 33 1/4 inches long.

We spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon in Anchorage running errands before arriving home just as school let out and the chaotic afternoon of the girls going to a class to make an American Girl dress and jr. high soccer for Samuel and Jim going on a bike ride with Hurley and me going to my mosaics class (and totally missing calling my mom for her birthday...rotten daughter...sorry Mom!! We love you!!).

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