Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fever free and a healthier me

No children in the Doepken house currently have fevers. Or, if they do, I am blissfully unaware of them at this moment. Susannah felt good enough by lunch to be able to go for the ski program. She and Moriah had another good day of snowboarding, making it to Chair 3. Apparently, Moriah may be good enough to move into a more advanced group, but we'll see what happens with that (she was pretty pumped about the possibility).

As for the healthier me, I went to my first 'aerobics' class tonight. Being a slug about my health just isn't cool anymore (well, not that it ever was), especially with my 39th birthday coming up. I was thoroughly nervous about it because I knew using a step was involved. And I am not the most graceful creature, given my propensity to trip on nothing or bump into doorways. After a short 'intro' to how to step up on the step, we were off! I did okay, giggling fairly often as I tried to master the rhythm and pattern of the steps. A good workout, for sure. Next week is chock full of meetings and Battle of the Books, so I won't make either class. But I'll sure be looking forward to the next week. I had a lot of fun.

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