Saturday, February 7, 2009

Small accomplishments

Tonight I'll just list a few small things the little girls are mastering or starting to master. They are becoming quite interesting little people.

Bethany has 'counted' to ten several times with me. She doesn't say the numbers exactly right, but she's got the inflection and even says a two syllable 'word' when she gets to seven.
Bethany has also shown that she can count independently up to four. I'm not convinced she gets the one-to-one correlation because sometimes if there are three things she'll go ahead and say four, but she seems like she is close to understanding counting.
Abigail is venturing into singing other tunes besides the alphabet song. She's 'sung' a couple of Laurie Berkner songs that we sing a lot. One is a silly song about having things on your head and the other is about the moon.
Abigail is counting to three, much like Bethany's counting to four. She seems to get the one-to-one correlation, though, and has been able to point to individual things as I counted for a very long time.

They are both by turns abundantly joyful and obnoxiously ornery and breathtakingly precious and immensely silly. God sure knew that he was doing when he gave us both of them!


  1. Julie, I think this is a great way for the grandparents to feel a part of your lives. I know when we're up there how busy you are and I'm impressed you have done to well keeping this up. Thanks for all the effort you are putting into this. Betsu

  2. PS. Now I see why you should preview what you write. Betsy