Saturday, February 14, 2009

Give me a P!

For Potty, that is!

Abigail went potty on one of the little Baby Bjorn potties just now! Yay! Bethany has gone three different times (with quite a 'dry' spell since) but we hadn't gotten anywhere with Abigail beyond trying many many times. We're not trying too hard yet with this potty training thing, but we usually ask them daily if they want to try. I'll set the stage for a typical 'try':

The little girls like to settle onto their potties, magazines, catalogs or books spread across their laps, and sit. And sit. And trade reading material. And sit some more. They often play musical potties, switching from one little potty to another to the "Pooh" potty a friend gave us to sometimes even the big potty with one of those inserts. They'll sidle over to another potty seat, pink rings indented on their bums, backing up until they find the right place to sit back down.

More often than not absolutely nothing happens beyond the sitting and pink bums. But then something like today happens. And I have to tell you it was a little comical how surprised Abigail looked when she started to go. Her eyes got big and she looked a little panicked. She finished and then stood up right away, somewhat distressed. When I got all excited (and sang a silly made-up potty song) she finally smiled. This was pretty much an accidental success and who knows if she'll be a repeat toilet user anytime soon...but this is a start!

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  1. Glad the past week is behind you. I have never heard as many yawns as when we were talking this afternoon. It's nice to know you're exhausted and not just bored with your mother-in-law. It sounds like everyone in the family will enjoy a day off tomorrow. Bless you all and I hope this